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About Spirit Wolf Medicine

Welcome and greetings to those attracted to this work!

Spirit Wolf Medicine is a congruence of healing modalities in the tradition of Mazatec, Paiute, and other indigenous people's medicine.

The purpose of this medicine work is to create a safe space in which blockages are illuminated and removed so that the natural energy field of a being can flow unobstructed in accordance to that being's own intentional vibrational frequency;  An essential condition for an optimum state of health to be maintained relating to the spiritual, emotional and physical bodies.

Ultimately, I act as a guide as we cross into other realms, as well as a gate keeper so that the healing space created remains only accessible to those entities and spirits who are equipped, able and willing to participate. The work inside that space is shared by all at various participatory functions and levels, and it is the confluence of those myriads of different healing modalities combined which is termed Spirit Wolf Medicine.

My Mission

My mission, through working with Spirit Wolf Medicine, is to assist those who have chosen to interact in this time space reality construct, in actualizing and/or manifesting their soul's journey and related intentions as postulated prior to their incarnations, by illuminating and removing when possible and with permission, any energy sourced interferences preventing such manifestations.

In other words, it is my heart-felt desire and intention to assist people in re-claiming their sovereignty, thereby allowing a re-connection to their own personal template, enabling a re-infusion of passion in their hearts and the experience of freedom in their choices... and by so doing, creating conditions for transformation to occur in the world, so that the experiences acquired by this interaction can expand the possibilities of this construct for the benefit of all consciousness.

My Journey

Following a completely lucid out-of-body experience while undergoing a surgical intervention as a child, I experienced a realization that there was another approach to re-calibrating the physical body to optimum health outside of the current paradigm of "western" medicine. Although at the time I was unable to explain the experience in linear fashion, I knew the origin of it to be sourced from a perspective outside the predominant world view of reality of the times.

Subsequently,  and starting at a very early age, I began an inquiry and an exploration into alternative modalities of consciousness from the traditions of indigenous people including those of my own tribe. This led me to expanded awareness of universal constructs, and eventually through my work with various shamans, I was introduced to the work of Maria, a Mazatec medicine woman in the southern sierras of Mexico of great power and vision.

After an apprenticeship period of about 15 years , I received her blessings to carry on this unique healing tradition. From that foundation, I went on to receive other healing modalities from medicine men of the Paiute nation as well as other ancient civilizations.


It is with deep gratitude, that I acknowledge all those entities, physical or not, too numerous to list and yet singularly acknowledged, who's collective and individual contributions assisted me in getting to this place of alignment with my Divine purpose. To all my relations!

Maria Sabina

Maria Sabina

That same vein of gratitude flows to those in their respective dimensionality whom, when called upon to work with me, generously offer their assistance for the co-creation of a sacred healing space.

Finally, I wish to express my deepest heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to my "tribe" of olden times.  

I honor your trust bestowed upon me, to carry your vision into the fabric of this construct in times present.