Why consider doing this work?

It is a difficult proposition to expect living in this dimensional distortion without inadvertently encountering some aspect of energetic disarray just in the process of navigating this density. Having your energetic field attuned to your own frequency template is mandatory to stay connected with your natural state of bliss or "living in the zone." 

Anyone encountering a dis-ease of any kind  might consider doing this work as there cannot be a permanent cure for any spiritual, emotional, or physical ailment, unless the energetic causal aspects of such dis-ease have been resolved and/or removed. The ancients called this relationship - As below so above, as above so below.

So, should you feel at the effect of circumstances in your life in general and experience difficulty in your ability to shift yourself into a state closer to that of your choosing, whether looking to regain a state of emotional/physical/mental wellbeing or a relationship more representative of your desires, this work might be of benefit as it is likely that an energy blockage is preventing your natural ability to create your desired experience of reality.


How does healing occur?

This work is most effective when the person fully engages herself/himself into the sacred healing space provided. This is not a matter of me "doing it" to you, but rather a co-created manifestation of a desired and stated intention, brought about by illuminating and removing blockages, which in turn facilitates the seeker to shift her/his energetic frequency to the desired experience.

Whether that desired experience be health, spiritual, emotional, or financial, the manner in which any manifestation occurs is the same; By matching the frequency of one's own being to that of the desired life condition.

This alignment can be effortless and transparent in the case of harmonic integrity existing in the energy field of the person, or it can present significant struggle and effort in the presence of interference as derived from blockages and /or competing conscious energies.

What do energetic blockages impact?

Relating to the physical level and without fail, there are no instances in which any type of ailments cannot be traced back to some sort of energy field irregularity. In other words, ALL dis-eases originate from, and begin with a disruption of the original blueprint of the personal energetic field upon which living cells depend on for their proper functioning.

Living cells require Breath and Communication to function as designed. This fact cannot be overstated, and any disturbances in the field such as energy blockages, trauma induced or otherwise, and energetic cording(s), have the potential to interrupt/alter breath and/or communication to those cells being impacted by those blockages, hence allowing an opportunity for disease to set in. When there is an impairment or absence of communication in the field of the individual, the cells are unable to receive transmissions, and as they become isolated from the energy network of the body, they lose ability to function properly and may revert to primal survival mechanisms such as fermentation which can promote un-desired cellular behavior leading to undesired health conditions.

Isolation causes a total loss in the natural telepathic ability of the affected cells, thus preventing their ability to respond in creating what is needed and wanted in resonant alignment with the intentionality of the being's field. When seen in a shamanic perspective, cells in such a state of isolation appear as static, frozen in time; like a deer caught in the headlights. They appear as dark zones inside the luminous network of the field. In other words, they loose their connection with the field’s life force. This in turns creates a separate and measurably lower vibrational frequency for the affected area, with a significantly different geometry, which can have the effect of allowing matching lower vibrational frequencies from an entity consciousness existing in a greater distortional environment (such as of bacterial or parasitic nature) to use that anomaly for it’s own agenda.

Vibrational frequency, can be seen as a vehicle to any and all destinations of one's desires. Therefore, losing the ability to attune your energetic matrix to a frequency supportive of those desires, may lead to undesired life conditions in any area of one's life including health, relationships, finances, and a perceived disconnection from "all one's relations," further exacerbating those conditions.

Lastly, energetic blockages can produce a distorted and/or attenuated transmission emanating from a being's intentionality in attracting desired connections of any form from the Universal field, and by default, prevent the reception of transmissions from pre-generated events and/or entities, which if properly received, would have the potential to foster movement of one's soul journey along the energy strand of one's aspirations.

What can cause energetic blockages?

For purposes of this introduction to my work, I will define and categorize some of the most common energetic blockages I encounter and release in the following subsets:

Stress:  As an electro-magnetic expression which can disrupt normal conscious activity of the brain (see subconscious programs,) or channel to a particular area of the body. Often this "particular" area is synchronous with either an emotional trauma connection point or a physical trauma connection point (see below.)

Emotional trauma: A great many situations can enter into this condition to include real and perceived environmental stress factors of varied origins, including singular or on-going events relating to psychological/emotional abuse or shock of any manner, the breakup of any type of relationship, the departure of a loved one, etc...

Physically triggered emotional trauma: Any manner of physical action onto the body whether by accident or otherwise (violent behaviour of others, surgical interventions, sexual abuse etc...) and any other like occurrences in which the affected cells of the body did not have the opportunity to resolve an accompanying real or perceived psychological trauma of such violation.

Energetic cording from others: A fairly common blockage resulting from either ongoing and unresolved points of contention within a relationship of any definition (i.e. family, friends, colleagues, co-workers etc.,) or an emotional attachment stemming from a perceived necessity linked to survival, or from the breakup of a relationship in which closure has not been attained. This type of blockage is seen as a vortex of dark matter energy in motion, varying in thickness and containing strong emotions as projected from the sender. It usually anchors to the chakra area most relevant to the emotion. Psychic attacks take on this observable phenomenon as well.

Energetic cording from self: Similar to above, with the link originating from the self.

Subconscious programs: Separate from the effects of subconscious programming as implanted by societal engineering in the early developmental years of the child state, the activation of such programs by their complementary triggers, can cause energy blockages which can be seen as interference "chatter" or static, to the normal neurological electro-magnetic field activity of the conscious mind. Furthermore, while these programs are in activation, they tend to loop in a repetitive manner, much like a computer "freezing", and have the ability to "highjack" neurological processes such as neurotransmitter levels and activity, from the conscious mind, as well as relegating a higher percentage of consciousness to the reactive part of the brain, or the reptilian brain.

Invasive consciousnesses: These can occur from a number of sources, including colonies of bacteria and viruses projecting competing intentions from those of the soul/mind/body complex, through their unified consciousness for the purpose of securing and expanding their expansion and agenda into this matrix. When that unified consciousness is not in alignment with that of the soul/mind/body complex, it can be seen as an independent dark matter field obfuscating the proper communication of the cells of the body in the area it is occupying.

Astral projection: During the sleep cycle, it is not usual for the dreamer to travel in dimensional realms close to the physical plane and pick up various densities of vibrational energies from the journey, usually stemming from the incomplete and/or unresolved trauma of dis-incarnate beings, which if not properly discharged upon return to the "waking" world can interfere with the journeyner's field.

Mind altering substances: Any intake of substances ranging from alcohol to psycho-active substances of any composition, can and without proper preparation for such endeavour, allow in energies from the unintended opening of dimensional portals, which may or may not be aligned with one's own base frequency.

Especially dangerous are chemical crystalline substances such as cocaine or methamphetamines as examples. Also part of that category, not withstanding any perceived positive results from the administration of such in an emergency situation, all psychiatric drugs including anti-depression drugs, present a debilitating side effect of incapacitating to a great extent, the ability of soul consciousness to dislodge itself from the perspective of the mind so that it may shift it’s experiential viewpoint to a more expansive and natural dimensional aspect. You cannot solve/resolve distortions of the mind matrix by maintaining your consciousness focused in the mind complex. There is a need to move your consciousness through the mind/matrix complex. You might think of this as a radio stuck in one frequency with the tuning knob missing.

General energetic imprints: These types of blockages can emanate from a wide variety of sources ranging from being in contact with the public in general, to EMF pollution, to energetic imprints stemming from ingesting food inappropriately sourced or processed such as from commercial livestock operations (where animals have integrated the emotional trauma of their impending physical death into their cells,) production handling of processed foods etc..  Included in this category is the effect of frequencies from chemicals in the environment, which can be disruptive if not consciously integrated and transmuted by the individual. The extent of the disruption from this generalised category is mediated by the sensibility of the person, including the natural inclination to em-path, other factors related specifically to their unique vibrational frequency and the ability to energetically shield her/himself.

Parasitic entities: Just as the case of “physical” parasites, there are parasitic energetic entities which do at times inhabit a host energetic field. They are usually seen as small black snake like manifestations wound around the spinal cord or in the stomach area and aside from obvious resultant energetic imbalances, can also cause emotional/physical discomforts.

Mind Programs: Other dimensional beings can and do occasionally implant "programs," usually for the purpose of monitoring dimensional activity in-situ of the designated host. These types of programs which can be seen in an individual’s field as energetic geometric matrices or constructs, even if embedded for the sole purpose of monitoring, are never aligned with the highest and greatest good of the individual, as they are tethered to an alien frequency which usually does not share the intentionality of the energetic field of the individual.