Booking a session


At present time, all sessions are "distance" sessions. In other words, I do not receive clients at a physical location. As my work is not confined to a time/space construct,  "distance" or phone consultations in no way diminish the effectiveness of the work. There are in fact advantages to this connective format such as being more at ease and relaxed in your own private setting, hence more readily available to engage in deeper levels of consciousness. Also, certain traditional ceremonial aspects of the work I undertake, like the burning of sacred woods, plants or resins such as copal, sweetgrass, sage, Palo Santo etc., can for some, interject an environmental aspect distracting to the focus of the work.

A session lasts anywhere from one hour to two hours and sometimes more, depending on completing the intention of the session, as opposed to a strict time container. Therefore, it is wise to plan a time block of at least two hours.


Individual sessions are USD$180.00 for the first session and $150.00 for subsequent appointments.

Having said that, I will work on a sliding scale basis as determined case by case, with those who are drawn to this work and yet whose financial ability is constrained at this particular time juncture.


To schedule and reserve an appointment time, please use the contact page here. I will get back to you within 72hrs.


Note: Please schedule your appointment prior to your purchase.

After your appointment time has been scheduled, please use the Pay Now button below . Be sure to select the appropriate selection in the drop down menu as to whether you are paying for a Initial Session as a new client or a Ongoing Session as a return client.

Please note that payment must be received within 24 hrs of scheduling to confirm the appointment time.

Type of session

Cancellation Policy

Please note: No refund if cancellation is made less than 48hrs prior to scheduled time or for a no-show, unless I agree to otherwise at my discretion.

Disclaimer and Practitioner/client agreement

  1. I am not a licensed medical practitioner.

  2. Any healing which occurs in the session and/or as a result of a session is the ultimate responsibility of the client. In other words please be willing to engage in the work with the full expectation of realizing and manifesting your intention of the session.

  3. My Privacy Policy is that all personal information is understood to remain within the confidentiality context of a therapist/client relationship, and I do not, and will not share any information such as names, emails, contact information or any other identifying information with anyone.


On a case-by-case basis, I work on a sliding scale to accommodate persons who might not otherwise have the financial means to do the work.  I usually reserve these time slots to those who are in abusive relationships genuinely looking for a way out of their particular trap.

If you would like to support this effort please consider making a donation of any amount. Thank you for your consideration.