engaging in the work


At present time, all sessions are "distance" sessions as I do not receive clients at a physical location. My work is not confined to a time/space construct,  hence "distance" or phone consultations in no way diminish the effectiveness of the work. There are in fact advantages to this connective format such as being more at ease and relaxed in your own private setting, and as such more readily available to engage in deeper levels of consciousness. Also, certain traditional ceremonial aspects of the work I undertake, like the burning of sacred woods, plants or resins (copal, sweetgrass, sage, Palo Santo etc.,) can for some, interject an environmental aspect distracting to the focus of the work.

A session lasts anywhere from one hour to two hours and sometimes more, depending on completing the intention of the session, as opposed to a strict time container. Therefore, it is wise to plan a time block of at least two hours.

introduction to the work

If you are attracted to this work and wish to connect with me to ascertain the resonance which you are seeking, please use the contact page here and I will get back to you within 72hrs.

Disclaimer and Practitioner/client agreement

  1. I am not a licensed medical practitioner.

  2. Any healing which occurs in the session and/or as a result of a session is the ultimate responsibility of the client. In other words please be willing to engage in the work with the full expectation of realizing and manifesting your intention of the session.

  3. My Privacy Policy is that all personal information is understood to remain within the confidentiality context of a therapist/client relationship, and I do not, and will not share any information such as names, emails, contact information or any other identifying information with anyone.


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