Photo courtesy of   Arnowitz and Hoeft Photography

" ...I totally loved and appreciated our session yesterday and found myself very energized afterward.

You are a healer extraordinaire with a tremendous gift to share in this lifetime - connecting people back into their light bodies and/or blueprint as was originally intended. Beyond the physical manifestations of relief of certain symptoms after your session, you, more importantly, anchor in the beautiful and clear knowing that we are all so much more than these earthly forms.

I have already spread the word to friends who might be calling you soon.

May your work spread and blossom far and wide in this coming year and may you touch many more who are in need of your special gift..


- California, US

Hi Jacques
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for your work yesterday. I have woken to a new me, I feel so different! I cannot believe how much energy I must have been throwing out, wow! :-).

So great to feel this light again!

In gratitude for your work and healing gifts

- London, UK

I don't understand how Jacques does what he does but I can tell you it is amazing.  He has helped me during the most stressful time of my life identifying energetic issues that I would never have imagined existed.  What he found always rang true to me and the results of his work upon my well being was profound.

With the success that both my husband and I had with Jacques' work, we asked that he help with some issues we were having with our cats.  At that time Jacques had had not worked with animals but was game to try.  Again, the results were remarkable and we know, with the cats, it was not a matter of positive thinking!  Not only did it help our cats, it helped our understanding of them on another level.  It is a richer life to see how this other dimension interacts with what we already know.


- Michigan, US

I truly believe words are not enough to describe Jacques´work. It is definitively out of this world. He is gifted. And the techniques he uses, the knowledge he posses, the energy he is able to generate and use are so powerful, so pure, so full of love, it is over whelming. During the sessions we did together, I experienced some of the most beautiful sensations of my entire life. Jacques had the ability of going directly into my soul. And when he was there, he healed me. He saw things about me I could not even see myself. He helped me regain my power in a moment I was completely lost. He put light where there was darkness. And throughout the whole Journey, he was kind, loving, inspiring, and humble. I can only be thankful for having met him.


- Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jacques works on a level that I don't understand but if I pay attention I am aware that he is doing something.  Even without my awareness the results are real and obvious even to someone like me who doesn't pay attention to my body except when I am at Yoga or the chiropractor.  He is extremely gifted and talented and a sweetheart of a guy.  Jacques is generous enough to use his talents to help others which opens him up to blowback from working with negative energies.  We feel extremely lucky to have connected with him.


- Michigan, US